Ass Mount

1. someone or something that seems to be behind you everytime you turn around, as if they are mounted to your -ss.
2. a person who always has to do everything with you even though you don’t want them to.
3. a pet that constantly follows you around the house and gets in your way.
1. “get the h-ll off me you -ss mount.”
2. “stop being suck an -ss mount and get your own d-mn life.”
3. “dude, your dog is such an -ss mount, every where i go i’m tripping over him.”
when a man inserts his p-n-s into the r-ct-m of a woman (a.k.a. b-ttsecks)
dude! remember that hot chick i picked up last night at the club… i totally -ss-mounted her when we got back at my place.

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