Ass-mud attack

on the day after a very heavy drinking session, the victim can sometimes feel his/her -n-l sphincter almost give up, unexpectedly at an inopportune moment. the fear of this causes a serge in adrenaline which can momentarily provide the victim with enough power and control to prevent the full evacuation of the bowels. this process happens in less than a second but can be repet-tive over the course of a few minutes forming a type of ‘attack’. e.g. asthma attack. this can be exasperated when in a seated position (due to the body being use to this position when defecating) and on some form of transport. e.g. on a plane, in a car or on a train, etc.
a victim of such an attack usually suspends all rational thoughts, objectives and tasks as their new primary objective becomes getting to a toilet as soon as humanly possible before the worst happens.
“i went out after work last night with a friend and had way way too many beers”. i had an -ss-mud attack on the train on the way into work this morning”.

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