ass nachos

the look of the toilet bowl after diarrhea when one consumed corn the day before. thus making the toilet bowl look like refried beans and corn.
man #1. holy sh-t, i just had the worst toilet experience.

man #2. based on that burrito you crushed last night i’d imagine you had an epic case of -ss nachos.
verb: an unskilled driver who suddenly cuts you off in traffic.
as the driver of the other car swerved and ran me off the road, i proceeded to scream out the windo “watch where your going -ss nachos!”
“a tortilla chip with p–p and cheese on it?”

“a very uncomfortable situation”

“it’s like a bl-wj-b with a twist”

“it is whatever you make of it”

well…i guess thats that..
you are an -ssnacho…

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