Ass Project

a project that just simply sucks -ss!
man, that attributes project is a real -ss project

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  • *ss-symptotal

    an adjective describing a relationship in which two close friends of the opposite s-x are infinitely close to hooking up or having a formal relationship, but never quite do. derived from the mathematical concept of an asymptote, a curve coming infinitely close to a line, but never quite reaching it “come on, i saw kristie […]

  • atomic firecrotch

    a redhead with so much hair in their pubic area its like an atomic bomb went off. way past the level of a normal fire crotch. guy 1: dude how was that chika last nist? guy 2: suckish she was a real atomic firecrotch!

  • atomos

    1. atoms 2. creatures, especially red dragons and/or one-eyed monsters 3. a type of killer robot miss krailey, why did they change atomos to atoms?

  • avientate

    spanish word used in slang form to literally mean “throw yourself”. avientate and mow the lawn.

  • awesomenasity

    awesome. and more. “i don’t think you realize the awesomenasity in this room”

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