ass toe

while getting a bl-w j-b your girl grinds on your big toe..
she was really into the -ss toe last night.
the back side of camel toe. it’s when a girl wears pants so tight that the -ss crack is clearly defined. most often a girl with camel toe will have -ss toe as well.
alex: d-mn, check out that girl’s -ss.
jay: holy sh-t she has some nice -ss toe.
a wedge in someone’s behind because of wearing really tight pants.

synonym of the word “wedgie”.

derived form the word “camel toe” and “wedgie”.
when that chick dances, she gets a really noticeable camel toe, when she turns and bends down, you can see her -ss toe. it’s nasty!
when you stick ur big toe up someones -ss because ur d-ck is too small to stick up there
dood do you no how i told you that marks d-ck is small i saw him sticking his big toe up some guys -ss, he was definately -sstoeing (-ss toe) him

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