to murder by a sudden and/or secret attack often for political reasons. usually prompted by religious, ideological, political, or military motives. additionally, -ss-ssins may be prompted by financial gain, revenge for perceived grievances, a desire to acquire fame or notoriety
person 1 – what is -ss-ssination? is it possible to -ss-ssinate yourself.

person 2 – no.

person 1 – why?

person 2 – because that would be suicide and suicide is pre-mediated, not sudden. -ss-ssins are prompted when there is something to gain. what would you gain if you killed yourself.

person 1 – nothing

person 2 – exactly
to sit or attempt to sit on someones head or face with your bare -ss. best done skinny dipping at night with your friends.

thanx to stympi for this one!
-ss-ssination. did you see that, stympi just -ss-ssinated jaz?
1. an alcholic beverage that tase like cinnamon

2.what happens to you are your family if you cross “iceman”

3. the act of having s-x with a breezy and hittin it hard enough so she has problems walking straight
1. you ask the bartender for an -ss-ssination

2. yo i got the video of iceman’s -ss-ssination of ol’ boy lastnight at the club

3. if you go home with a member of hotsuey they’ll put an -ss-ssination on that -ss

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