Assata Shakur

a domestic terrorist and black supremacist with ties to the black panthers and other radical, anarchist groups like the black liberation army. she has committed a slew of crimes ranging from robbery, to kidnapping, and murder. shakur went to prison in the 1970s after -ss-ssinating a police officer, but soon escaped with the help of bla members and eventually fled to cuba (where she still resides). -ssata is considered an african american hero alongside harriet tubman and martin luther king jr. she has received tributes from rap artists like common and public enemy and is the inspiration for several groups including “hands of -ssata,” “-ssata’s daughters,” and black lives matter.

she is the first woman to be on the fbi’s most wanted terrorist list and there is currently a $2 million reward for the -ssistance in her capture.
-ssata shakur is a violent radical who is now idolized by many violent radicals.

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