when someone is talking out of their -ss or saying things that aren’t true out of pure ignorance or stupidty. or if it’s just dumb rambling
quit your -ssbabble.

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  • awesgasmic

    more awesome then -rg-smic ,and more -rg-smic then awesome. had and awesgasmic day at the water park.

  • azorn

    another word for “awesome that bike is so azorn!

  • Aapris

    aapris is the word for a beautiful half korean, half white girl who is confident, s-xy, stunning, extremely intelligent and s-xually adventurous. aapris blew my mind last night over drinks when she explained the symbiotic relationship between azobacter and legumes that allow nitrogen fixation to occur, then gave me the best head i ever had.

  • wog breath

    to have exceptionally bad breath if i don’t brush my teeth the night before i always wake up with wog breath

  • wokblocked

    similar to c-ck blocked, being wokblocked is when you stay up to late playing call of duty(cod) or a similar game and the asians, notoriously great video game players, half way around the word wake up to destroy your kill/death ratio. tom: “oh, dude you just got totally wokblocked” jack: “yea man, i think it’s […]

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