sh-tty part of town that smells like f-ckin p–p
we’re out here in the -ssboondocks bro it smells like sh-t!

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  • twinkle in her eye

    code for when a girl has a fat -ss when i saw her walking down street she had a real twinkle in her eye

  • hob cob

    “hob-cob” a hobbling and cobbling together or -ssembling of a group of people. typically used when the individuals don’t appear as though they would gel or meet under normal circ-mstances. pulls from references of hobbling together cobblestone streets. maybe a shady job in appearance. man, what a hob cob group of guys.

  • strachenstein

    a long nosed money h–rding jew that enjoys d-ck in and around their mouth hole last friday i seen 100 black d-cks go into strachenstein.

  • shannons party

    a homeless man masturbating in a public place, like a picnic table in a public park. we went to avery park for a potluck but a shannon’s party there ruined the vibe.

  • francisco foley

    one extremely s-xy yet horrible person that seems like an okay white straight man at first but is slowly revealed to be a h-m- erotic mega f-ggot with an insatiable thirst for a fat c-ck any day. plus he’s fat as f-ck wow francisco foley i didn’t know you were a mega f-ggot

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