a loser, lame person.
stop being such an -sschimp and stfu.
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a word or phrase meaning “ma b-tch.” a being or having a someone to do all your dirty work and/or any tasks or ch-r-s that need to be done. mostly a slave to do what is told without any questions asked.
siobhan is my -ss chimp! get away away b-tch!

i am an -ss chimp to sarah! get away b-tch!

-ss monkey says: get away from me u ol’ hag i dont need ur sars!

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    the art of watching, grabbing, squeezing, and playing with a hot girls b-tt cheeks for a long amount of time. if you go to a party and your grabbing and squeezing a girls b-tt for a lengthy amount of time and don’t want to stop, you would be -ssfacinated

  • *ss measuring

    medical / verb ~ when a male individual from the same ethnic denomination places their thumbs together extending the lesser fingers laterally in an effort to denote waist and b-ttock ratios in the opposite s-x where body fat is of concern. her -ss fits perfectly per my -ss measuring measurements.

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