the slender javelin or spear of the bantu-speaking people of southern africa.
a southern african tree, curtisia dentata, of the dogwood family, from whose wood such spears are made.
to pierce with an -ssegai.
historical examples

these presently formed into one dense brown m-ss, with their -ssegai blades glinting sharply in the rays of the morning sun.
the matabele campaign r. s. s. baden-powell

suddenly, without a sound, bombyane shook his -ssegai and rushed straight at me.
allan’s wife h. rider haggard

even the vicar was there, armed with an -ssegai—no doubt a missionary trophy.
punch, or the london charivari, vol. 147, november 4, 1914 various

then one of them lifted his -ssegai and drove it through his breast.
the red true story book various

and, poising his -ssegai, he sprang forward to the old mosutu witch-doctor.
the king’s -ssegai bertram mitford

umgolo sprang forward and plunged his -ssegai into its breast.
hendricks the hunter w.h.g. kingston

the dark, brawny arm of the sorceress was upraised, her muscular fingers gripped the -ssegai haft a few inches from the blade.
‘tween snow and fire bertram mitford

ronald lifted her down, and then pulled the -ssegai from the horse’s back.
the curse of carne’s hold g. a. henty

the servant i saw them -ssegai, so at least he died at once.
marie h. rider haggard

an -ssegai or two would have answered all purposes there on the spot.
harley greenoak’s charge bertram mitford

noun (pl) -gais
a southern african cornaceous tree, curtisia f-ginea, the wood of which is used for making spears
a sharp light spear, esp one made of this wood

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