assembly language

the one true computer programming language. all high-level languages reduce down to -ssembly language in the end.
high tech red necks always code in -ssembly language.
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a kind programming language that consists of human readable processor instructions (mnemonics, as opposed to opcodes, which would be the number representations of the same instructions). modern -ssemblers do furthermore also support certain higher level features, like macros, datatypes or functions.

also, -ssembly language is used to distinct the language from the program that translates into machine code. in general use, both are called -ssembler which leads to the need to specify in certain situations.

it should also be noted that while people often talk about -ssembly language in general, there is not “the” -ssembly language, but rather a large group of them, one reason being different processor families having different instruction sets, the other being different -ssembler programs supporting different features, or having different ways of providing those features.
-ssembly language is what real men write their programs in!

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