a positive statement or declaration, often without support or reason:
a mere -ssertion; an unwarranted -ssertion.
an act of .
contemporary examples

how does the -ssertion that the monarch rules “by the grace of almighty g-d” square with the trades descriptions act?
feminism doesn’t fit the monarchy andrew roberts october 28, 2011

the -ssertion by obama does follow a long-standing tradition for democratic and republican presidents.
obama embraces signing statements after knocking bush for using them eli lake january 3, 2012

will this -ssertion in a simple holiday greeting re-ssure jewish voters as they enter the season of re-ssessment?
obama’s rosh hashanah gaffes michael medved september 28, 2011

the wealthiest republican party boosters will resent the -ssertion that peer pressure and ego motivate their giving.
the rnc’s self-inflicted wound conor friedersdorf march 3, 2010

neither offers any historical doc-mentation for this -ssertion.
pol pot and me (and guns) michael tomasky may 7, 2013

historical examples

his hollow voice and laboured breath gave the lie to his -ssertion.
afterwards kathlyn rhodes

her -ssertion was disregarded as to the inability to change.
within the law marvin dana

giles had refused to believe his -ssertion of innocence, and he had no proof.
uncle max rosa nouchette carey

i’m inclined to question, furthermore, the -ssertion that these jewels were your mother’s.
the black bag louis joseph vance

again and again the narrative was repeated, till conjecture once more began to take the place of -ssertion.
the mark of cain andrew lang

a positive statement, usually made without an attempt at furnishing evidence
the act of -sserting

early 15c., -ssercioun, from middle french -ssertion (14c.) or directly from late latin -ssertionem (nominative -ssertio), noun of action from past participle stem of latin -sserere “claim rights over something, state, maintain, affirm,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + serere “join” (see series). by “joining oneself” to a particular view, one “claimed” or “maintained” it.

1. an expression which, if false, indicates an error. -ssertions are used for debugging by catching can’t happen errors.
2. in logic programming, a new fact or rule added to the database by the program at run time. this is an extralogical or impure feature of logic programming languages.

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