noun. the act or process of fazooding an -ss. commonly used to define something dumb the ai does in a game.
barbra: “how could you be such an -ssfazoodler, tom!!!”

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  • mollahgoo

    unknown, but definitely some type of spastic. rosie is a mollahgoo for thinking it was spelt “mollahagoo”

  • a-10 asshog

    where a man continuously -j-c-l-t-s in a swift burst motion into a woman’s -ss. totally destroying it. i can’t believe linda let me do the “a-10 -sshog”. i hope she’s ok.

  • zailan

    a b-tch man your a real zailan

  • yunehe

    a person who thinks they are smart but turn out to make dumb decisions in their life. she can be annoying at points but cares about people a little too much(over protective). omg watch out it’s yunehe!!

  • ladey

    a woman, who carrys herself in good manner,especially, in public. she is mannerly, kind spoken, and respected. she is selective of her wardrobe, and dresses in a conservative manner. she is a pleasant respectable individual. as the ladey approached the building entrance, the gentleman opened the door for her.

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