the main -ss of undertale.
-ssgore is an -ss to beat

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  • Cactus Sexual

    having a s-xual attraction to nothing but cacti. “niko is a cactus s-xual”

  • Transclearant

    referring to the colored, semi-opaque quality if various toy plastics. not to be confused with transparent. transparent materials allow objects to be distinctly seen when looking through them. this word can only be used to describe physical materials and objects – not the abstract. the transclearant plastic fits the design of this toy very well. […]

  • Jack Batty

    one who has became consumed with jack or the thought of jacking. even thought i was watching the exoricst i had the constant desire to pull on my c-ck. i was jack batty for hours. #c-ck #movies #crazy

  • Ba3

    nigerian for ba3 i cdnt talk bcoz i hd a flat ba3. #ba3 #battery #nigerian

  • Cunty McShitballs

    a name you call someone when they’re a complete imbecile that says or does the stupidest things. you’re a f-cking idiot for going that sh-t, c-nty mcsh-tb-lls!

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