{1} person who gives -n-l s-x(2) person who hammers -sses, with a hammer
jim is such an -sshammer.
a mechanically operated percussive device used to pound an object such as a d-ld- into your buddies -ss.
hey alex, to celebrate our new legal union, i bought you and 3 horse power gasoline operated -ss hammer with optional scr-t-m coupling device. get ready to feel the love!!
1) a p-rn industry slang.
2) referes to the p-n-s as an impliment for penetrating the -n-s and denotes a forceful, s-xually charged atmosphere in which this penetration will occur.
3) as a part of the english vernacular it usually denotes the act of -n-l s-x between 2 people. this term is not specific to any particular s-xual orientation but rater generic.

4) a vulgar reference to the act of -n-l s-x due to the implicit “violence” of the term and it’s reference to a hammer.
i f-ck-d i lot of hot young b-tch-s back then…they called me dave “the -ss hammer” smith back in college.

the girls all called him the “-ss hammer” cause he loved -n-l s-x so much

the gimp was a silly b-tch who always begged for the -ss hammer

“i like to think of it as -ss play but bill gets freaky whenever i mention going in the back door and then the -ss hammer comes out”

hammer my -ss! like the b-tch that i am.
someone male that gives an -sspounding b-ttpirate shrimping
like lance b-ss or matt or -ss pounding with another guy
“the fool bent over in prison and got an -sshammering h-ll never forget”
the act of farting in your partners mouth while you are receiving a rim job….-sshammer
she was eating my -ss and i gave her an -sshammer, right in her mouth haha
an insult like -ss hat.
that guy cut me off… what an -ss hammer.
1. the state of being such an -ssh-l- it’s like the force of a hammer upon others
2. what one calls another that is a cheap camper in halo or one that is cheap (see sp-wn kill)
3. one who is the giver of -n-l s-x
1. jesus he’s such an -ss hammer it’s enervating
2. adam you’re such an -ss hammer!
3. i was cindy’s -ss hammer last night. -shrug-

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