a male/female that willfully subscribes to and promotes the most hateful rhetoric espoused by the self-described “alt-right” movement, a previously little-known group comprised of nationalist and xenophobic ideologies that has gained national attention due in large part to the campaign – and subsequent election to the united states presidency – of donald trump. also can be used to describe those who have obvious xenophobic and/or racist beliefs that they share publicly usually to an awkward, confused, and/or unwilling audience.
in the news: delta confirmed that they have banned a vocal trump supporter from ever traveling on their airline again after he was captured on video denouncing hillary clinton supporters unprovoked and praising president-elect donald trump while the plane was traveling from atlanta, ga to allentown, pa. witnesses to the unwarranted and toothless outburst described the man as “an -ssheil that wouldn’t shut up about trump”, other witnesses felt that the outburst made a good case for free liquor any time an -ssheil spoke out loud again in any environment where the audience is unable to escape (while not plummeting 30,000 feet to their, albeit more peaceful, death(s).

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