one of the notes issued as paper currency from 1789 to 1796 by the revolutionary government on the security of confiscated lands.
historical examples

i looked up, and there, straight before me, saw the same officer who had given me the -ssignat the night before.
harper’s new monthly magazine, volume 1, no. 3, august, 1850. various

in june, 1795, the quotation of the -ssignat oscillated violently.
the paper moneys of europe francis w. hirst

the paper was a french -ssignat, bearing the words, ‘payez au porteur la somme de deux mille livres.’
tom burke of “ours”, volume ii (of ii) charles james lever

at these words he held up triumphantly the french -ssignat, and waved it before the eyes of the court.
tom burke of “ours”, volume ii (of ii) charles james lever

i now possessed nothing in the world but an -ssignat of five hundred francs.
memoirs of the court of marie antoinette, queen of france, complete madame campan

and yet cambon steadily insisted that the security for the -ssignat currency was perfect.
fiat money inflation in france andrew d-ckson white

he would not even change an -ssignat to take for what i drank, which was not a little; and i therefore owe him for it.
chambers’s edinburgh journal, no. 442 various

napoleon had nothing remaining, but an -ssignat of one hundred sous, his pay being in arrear.
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, volume 62, no. 382, october 1847 various

i looked up, and, straight before me, saw the same officer who had given me the -ssignat the night before.
maurice tiernay soldier of fortune charles james lever

the lettering in the corners proclaims death to any one who should dare to counterfeit the -ssignat.
harper’s young people, january 11, 1881 various

(french history) the paper money issued by the const-tuent -ssembly in 1789, backed by the confiscated land of the church and the émigrés

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