a chance to practice the art of plagiarism.
i cannot solve question 5 of the -ssignment, can i just take a look at what you did?
something that is relatively important, but you will still leave it till the last minute and complete it the night before it’s due in, armed with dangerous amounts of caffeine and sweets, in a major panic. however, you will still feel cheated if you don’t get an awesome grade, although you may pretend to be fine with it.

they usually have word limits, which are a total b-tch to adhere to – if it isn’t too short it’ll be miles too long.

they will produce much b-tching and complaining and procrastinating ( is a particularly good tool for this).

the one positive thing about them perhaps, is the sheer feeling of relief that occurs when the last word is typed and all word counts are adhered to. who cares if it makes sense or answers the question?! it’s finished. the only feeling quite like it is that wonderful feeling that occurs when you finally go to the toilet after being desperate for ages.
1. “oh sh-t! my 2000 word essay is in tomorrow and i haven’t even looked at it yet! oh sh-t oh sh-t oh sh-t where is the coffee people?!”

2. “this -ssignment is a total b-tch! i mean seriously, what the h-ll?! it’s not even useful!”

3. “i deserved a better grade than that!!!”

4. i am procrastinating right now, as i have a 1500 word -ssignment due in in about 10 hours, and i’ve only written 250 words. i have a m-ssive mug of coffee at the ready!
a piece of work you cannot be botherd to do
f-ck it, it’s just another -ssignment.
(-ssignment n.) a piece of work that is a pain in the -ss to everybody: the person doing it, the person receiving it and importantly the people who recieve the complaints from the person doing it.
guy: so have you done your hw?
another guy: you mean the -ss-ignment?
guy: yeah, hw’s a b-tch.

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