absorption of a minority group within a larger population; distinct from integration in that it implies a loss of cultural ident-ty and ultimately of individuality. usually relates to the pressure on immigrants to conform to the expectations of the m-ss culture in their new country. more recently applied to the aggressive subjugation of races by the borg, and hence to a person joining a large faceless group of stupid people.
“bad news; she bought the avril alb-m. her -ssimilation is complete.”
(1)the act of being -ssimilated; usually by the borg. or, (2)the absorbtion of a foreign body into a living being.
(1) this is the borg. you will be -ssimilated. we will add your biological and technological distinctions to our own. you will adapt to service us. resistance is futile.
or (2) i -ssimilated that bullet you shot me in the leg with.
it is what the united state’s government did to the indigenous tribes in order to cast out the inner “native” from them. involved sending the children to the state-run boarding schools in order to destroy their “savage” culture. in many cases, -ssimilation was the solution for the government to obtain land, stripping the indigenous of precious resources.
the united states forced -ssimilation upon native americans in means of “killing the indian, but saving the man.”
absorption of a minority group within a larger population.
there was an -ssimilation when the whites started to follow the blacks.
the usa.
when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they become involved in this reproduction ritual to bring young into the world.
young boy: daddy, where did i come from?
father: -ssimilation.

when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they -ssimilate and kids are born.
the art of getting -ss; the art of having many s-xual expiriences.
yo babii! don’t hate on me cause i was gettin’ my -ssimilation on!

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