another word for -sshole, or if you want it, donkey lake.
trump is a total -ssloch.

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  • spechal

    cameron is the meaning of this 🙂 you are so spechal

  • buff the snail

    buffing the snail, v., is the act of rigorously stimulating the cl-toris. it is derived from the hand/wrist motion of theoretically “buffing” the sh-ll of a snail, when in reality, you are rubbing a cl-t. “i’m home alone. i’m really gonna buff the snail tonight.”

  • molot

    a fat, lazy, f-ck. we better haul -ss, kevin! i can’t, i’m out of breath! man, why do you have to be such a molot? see what all those chicken wings do to you?

  • Tomato Splat

    during intercouse (while she’s menstruating), you collect all the period blood from your p-n-s and proceed to throw it on her face. when i tomato splat rebecca, she low-key loved it. #tomato t-ts

  • French Twizzler

    when you pick a large scab with your finger and insert it into her v-g-n-. i’m going to give you a french twizzler. #goproto

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