Associate Degree

two-year degree offered by community colleges and some state colleges. known for attracting students of every age, every race, every income background and every academic ability.

some -ssociate degrees are actually very useful by themselves like nursing, hvac, criminal justice and some business fields but most are just stepping stones to get to a bachelors degree.

many credits actually will transfer to a 4-year college. but this largely depends on which college you plan on going to. obviously a top ivy league school or something close to that will be more selective but if your just looking for a decent/good college to finish your bachelors degree then you will be fine.
johnny went to a community college to get an -ssociate degree. now he has a decent middle cl-ss job.

maria spent her first two years in community college and then transferred to a 4 year college to finish off her degree and now has half as much debt as most of her graduating cl-ss at her 4-year school with the same degree
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primarily issued by second-rate community colleges, the bottom of the totem pole of postsecondary degrees. not really much better than a high school diploma. only good for use as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree, or to score that shift manager position at your local mcdonald’s. although taking only about two years to earn, those two years are a m-ssive waste of time unless the holder plans on earning a bachelor’s degree or better at a later date.
joe earned his -ssociate degree at his local community college, and is now employed at harvard university… as the head of the cleaning crew.

the ghetto community college took an otherwise useful piece of paper, and made it worthless by turning it into an -ssociate degree.

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