someone who appreciates a really nicely shaped bottom.
james is a real -ssophile.

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  • niggary

    the way of a n-gg- or how they’re supposed to do things. a n-gg- that got goals, fine af, & can get you wet just by text=proper n-gg-ry b-tch, you seen that n-gg- marquis, makin a b-tch wet just by lookin at his -ss, he knows what he’s doing. that’s proper n-gg-ry. n-gg-ry done right!

  • Olivtewes

    a spasticated aussie chick with a huge d-ld- collection what an olivtewes

  • Singaporean Espresso

    when you jerk off while simultaneously taking a sh-t. the end result is a singaporean espresso. luke: “geez, harold’s been sitting on the throne for an awfully long time.” john: “he’s probably brewing up a singaporean espresso again

  • skreli

    verb: to suddenly and astronomically hike the price on something, usually with malicious or self-serving intent. man, i was gonna buy that guy’s sofa for $20, but when i got there he skreli’d me and said i’d have to pay $500!

  • Dragon chest

    the burn you feel after you drink a strong alcoholic drink. oh sh-t! that shot gave me dragon chest! feel the burn!!!

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