an excess of flatulence reminiscent of m-ffled singing.
a couple hours after finishing his adobo chicken, willie drowned out the office music with his -ssquire.

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  • creamy beans

    when a person with a p-n-s ejactculates inside someone’s -ss and they p–p it out along with fecal matter “dude, i had the worst case of creamy beans this morning after me and tom got done last night.”

  • emotionally starstruck

    a person who is feeling a indescribable amount of emotions “i can’t wait to go to high school!” “the expressions on your face make you emotionally starstruck.”

  • callie ann

    a sweet girl but can be blonde at sometimes , loyal af to her boys but also can be a b-tch if you turn on her she a ride or die friend very loving wild and fun d-mn … look at callie ann

  • b*tt drugs

    things that emory say bro do you need some b-tt drugs

  • cappin some wigs

    related to fighting, and/or winning a fight against some “rachet -ss hoes” (taking them down.) “it was about time someone went out and capped those wigs, those hoes were crazy!” “just got done cappin some wigs, someone needed to take them b-tches down a notch.”

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