the inverse of “f-cksh-t-ss.” not to be used in an inverse matter. it still means the same thing.
“holy -sssh-tf-ck i just got hit with a grenade.”

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  • ass tetris

    n. the act of multiple people trying to fit their -sses into the backseat of a car. the three of us had to play -ss tetris to fit into the backseat of that civic.

  • assthritis

    any aching feeling in your gluteal muscles. it can be caused by either overexertion or lack of activity. some common causes of -ssthritis include office jobs, long trips by plane or car, and lower body exercises. i got -ssthritis from that five hour flight. the squats i’ve been doing have given me some major -ssthritis.

  • Ausmerican

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  • austintatious

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