a mix between a donkey and man. similar to the centaur, except it’s a huge -ss.
if you were any mythical creature, you’d be an -sstaur.

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  • ball breathers

    when a guy’s boxer briefs become so worn out in the middle that holes form on the sides of each t-st-cl-. wife: babe, you need to go buy some new undies and quit walking around this house in them ball breathers!

  • tip sniffer

    a person who loves to smell the tips of other p-n-ses. usually used as an insult to other men. not a real thing. “you are such a c-nt”, said jamie, “shut the f-ck up you tip sniffer”

  • pudge pond

    a m-ss of obese people dripping with greasy sweat congregating in areas such as shopping centers or sporting events. i have to wade through a pudge pond, just to get a frozen pizza.

  • sticky dick bitch

    transvest-te with a sticky d-ck your dad is a sticky d-ck b-tch

  • clip the tard

    purposely not inviting the nerd or the -sshole of a group of friends to any social event. before going to the jays game we need to clip the tard!

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