of, relating to, or characterized by ; weak.
(of a physical type) having a slight build or slender body structure.
compare (def 5), (def 1).
a person of the asthenic type.
historical examples

by the asthenic and emaciated general condition and the peculiar puffy, spongy state of the gums.
essentials of diseases of the skin henry weightman stelwagon

no one will deny that fear is the type of asthenic manifestations.
essay on the creative imagination th. ribot

stimulants are to be freely used in all asthenic conditions.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. i various

these latter were to be used in sthenic, the others in asthenic disorders.
the action of medicines in the system frederick william headland

he believed in two cl-sses of diseases—sthenic and asthenic.
catharine furze mark rutherford

opium in the asthenic form is the chief agent, and graves and stokes were among the first physicians who gave it very largely.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various

these were to be used respectively in asthenic and in sthenic disorders.
the action of medicines in the system frederick william headland

the convulsion caused by strychnia is tonic; that by hydrocyanic acid, asthenic.
the action of medicines in the system frederick william headland

brunonian system, a system which regards and treats diseases as due to defective or excessive excitation, as sthenic or asthenic.
the nuttall encyclopaedia edited by rev. james wood

to those who walk or stand in this fashion, let it be known that this is the “habitus enteroptoticus,” or asthenic droop.
how to live irving fisher and eugene fisk

of, relating to, or having asthenia; weak
(in const-tutional psychology) referring to a physique characterized by long limbs and a small trunk: claimed to be -ssociated with a schizoid personality see also somatotype
a person having long limbs and a small trunk

1789, from modern latin, from greek asthenikos, from asthenes “weak, without strength, feeble” (see asthenia).

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