dazed; bewildered; filled with consternation.
historical examples

the many were astonied at him; his visage was so marred more than men, and his form than the children of men.
the expositor’s bible george adam smith

then looked they on her, and saw her so fair that they were all astonied.
auc-ssin and nicolete andrew lang

then was the king belshazzar greatly troubled, and his countenance was changed in him, and his lords were astonied.
the ontario high school reader a.e. marty

they that are bitten of a wood hound have in their sleep dreadful sights, and are fearful, astonied, and wroth without cause.
old-time makers of medicine james j. walsh

then daniel, whose name was belteshazzar, was astonied for one hour, and his thoughts troubled him.
the book of daniel unlocked w. s. auchincloss

now when grettir heard these words, he was astonied withal, and said, “what fiend is there in the boat with them?”
the story of grettir the strong translated by eirikr magnusson and william morris

mountain of cope-law, hear my voice:—be thou rent asunder and divided into three, that thy owner may look on thee and be astonied.
the three perils of man, vol. 2 (of 3) james hogg

then forthwithal gareth rushed upon sir launcelot, and gave him a great stroke upon his helm so hard that he was astonied.
le morte d’arthur, volume ii (of ii) thomas malory

and when they heard these words they fell down to the earth and were astonied; and therewith was a great clearness.
le morte d’arthur, volume ii (of ii) thomas malory

those indians hearing this, were astonied beyond measure, and came neerer still more and more to behold me.
the princ-p-l navigations, voyages, traffiques, and discoveries of the english nation, volume xiv (of 16) richard hakluyt

(archaic) stunned; dazed

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