carried out at a person’s desk at his or her place of work: an at-desk m-ssage

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  • Atomic mass

    the m-ss of an isotope of an element measured in units formerly based on the m-ss of one hydrogen atom taken as a unit or on 1/16 (0.0625) the m-ss of one oxygen atom, but after 1961 based on 1/12 (0.0833) the m-ss of the carbon-12 atom. abbreviation: at. m. historical examples the best evidence […]

  • Ata point

    ata point unit, text (or “anglo-saxon point”) one of the two most common variants of the point, equal to 0.3514598 mm, or 0.0138366 inch, or 1/72.272 inch. the ata point is used on the island of the united kingdom and on the american continent. [what point do they use in ireland?] (2002-03-11)

  • Ata-2

    ata-2 advanced technology attachment interface with extensions

  • Ataata

    noun (nz) another name for cat’s-eye (sense 2)

  • Atabalipa

    . historical examples these terms were made in wishful remembrance of the ransom of atabalipa. the great events by famous historians, volume 9 various i do not know which of them was sancho’s “atabalipa” number two. an account of the conquest of peru pedro sancho of the v-ssalage and obedience which atabalipa and many other […]

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