At full throttle

also called throttle lever. a lever, pedal, handle, etc., for controlling or manipulating a .
the throat, gullet, or windpipe, as of a horse.
to stop the breath of by compressing the throat; strangle.
to choke or suffocate in any way.
to compress by fastening something tightly around.
to silence or check as if by choking:
his message was throttled by censorship.

to obstruct or check the flow of (a fluid), as to control the speed of an engine.
to reduce the pressure of (a fluid) by p-ssing it from a smaller area to a larger one.

at full throttle, at maximum speed.
also called throttle valve. any device that controls the quant-ty of fuel or fuel and air mixture entering an engine
an informal or dialect word for throat
verb (transitive)
to kill or injure by squeezing the throat
to suppress: to throttle the press
to control or restrict (a flow of fluid) by means of a throttle valve

“strangle to death,” c.1400, probably from middle english throte “throat” (see throat). related: throttled; throttling. the noun, in the mechanical sense, is first recorded 1870s, from throttle-valve (1824), but was used earlier as a synonym for “throat” (1540s); it appears to be an independent formation, not derived from the verb.

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