At one time or another

on various separate occasions. for example, at one time or another i’ve considered replacing the furnace, but so far i haven’t done so. [ early 1600s ]

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  • At one's convenience

    also, at one’s earliest convenience. whenever one wishes; also, as soon as one can. for example, pick up the car any time, at your convenience, or we need that drawing very soon, so please finish it at your earliest convenience. the use of convenience in the sense of “ease” or “absence of trouble” dates from […]

  • At one's door

    also, on one’s doorstep. very nearby, as in the bus stop was practically on our doorstep, or the mexican currency crisis is literally at our door. [ early 1900s ] also see: lay at someone’s door

  • At one's ease

    see: at ease , def. 1.

  • At one's elbow

    the bend or joint of the human arm between upper arm and forearm. the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped. something bent like an elbow, as a sharp turn in a road or river, or a piece of pipe bent at an angle. architecture, . also called ell, el. a plumbing pipe or […]

  • At one's finger tips

    the or end of a . a covering used to protect the end joint of a . extending to the fingertips, as a coat, veil, etc.: a fingertip jacket. at one’s fingertips, close at hand; easily or immediately available. at one’s command or disposal, as recall of factual information: he has the answer at his […]

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