phrase at the drop of a hat
i’m tellin ya dude, president trump will say tremendous atdoah!

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  • papa kerr

    papa kerr is very s-xy and is irresistible to both s-xs. papa kerr gets that job done in bed, and gets the ladies wet instantly. he is funny, g-y, and a big douche canoe. “wow that boy is a real papa kerr!”

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    current vocalist of popular symphonic metal act nightwish. she replaced anette olson originally was suppose to be a temporary replacement before being asked to join as a permanent vocalist. floor can basically sing anything from operatic to rock to growls with ease. with floor on board nightwish can use practically any song from their library. […]

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    a “suckpop” occurs when someone sucks a p-n-s too hard, their ears pop. “man she went down on me so hard, i’m certain she suckpopped at least twice”

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