deathlessness; immortality.

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  • Athanor

    a digester furnace with a self-feeding fuel supply contained in a towerlike contrivance, ensuring a constant, durable temperature. historical examples the draught affects the furnace—my athanor, as we adepts term it. auriol w. harrison ainsworth a, shows an athanor (or digesting furnace) and a couple of digesting vessels. alchemy: ancient and modern h. stanley redgrove […]

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    a family of languages spoken by american indians in most of inland northwest canada and alaska, in coastal oregon and california, and in arizona and the rio grande basin, and including especially navajo, apache, and chipewyan. compare (def 14). a member of any of various american indian peoples speaking athabaskan. belonging to or characteristic of […]

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    . historical examples the northern and southern divisions of the athapaskan group are separated by something like twelve hundred miles. pioneers in canada sir harry johnston they never became fur trappers in the same complete way as did the northern algonkian and athapaskan peoples. shoshone-bannock subsistence and society robert f. murphy

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    (def 1).

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    one of the samhitas, a collection of mantras and formulas, some showing pre-vedic influence. historical examples the atharva-veda, on the other hand, contains some p-ssages showing that its composers were acquainted with the ocean. a history of sanskrit literature arthur a. macdonell in certain cases, however, the atharva-veda is stated to be useful. a history […]

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