Atheist named Christian

a poor kid that ironically is named christian even though they’re an atheist. they constantly have to deal with people asking “hey christian, are you christian” in which you say no, and they end up saying “then who are you?” this tends to annoy the living h-ll outta them. so please, if you ask that to one, stfu
griffin: hey christian, are you a christian?
christian: -_- no i’m an atheist.
griffin: well if you’re not christian, then who are you?
christian: i’m a f-cking atheist named christian, go f-ck off.
griffin: why aren’t you a christian, you’re named christian. its so ironic.
christian: omg shut the f-ck up.
griffin: you just said you’re an atheist though! you can’t have a god!
christian: f-g
narrator: christian then walks off with a p-ssed off look after being heavily annoyed.

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