a name for a enchantingly beautiful girl with blonde hair every boy would love. a beauty like her attracts all boys like a magnet. even a girl like me would wanna be her best friend. she is kind, friendly, best buddy to hangout with
my best friend is athena as she is wonderful
a beautiful girl who always has a place in my heart. shes heartwarming and as cute as a kitten stuck in a shoe box. she is the reason why i still believe love is real. i do everything with her in mind. she is by far the most important person in my life, without her, i would be lost with no way back.
“i woke up this morning smiling, because athena crossed my mind”

“i am the magnet, and shes my fridge”
a whack or slap with incredible force.
watch your mouth or i’ll athena you.
athena is the most perfect woman you’ll ever meet. she is funny, spontaneous, and absolutely breathtaking. she loves whatever you do, and will do anyyything to make you happy. she makes you feel like the most important person in the world and you make her feel the same. she gets worried constantly about you, but thats okay because it just shows you how much she cares. every second with her feels like a dream and she’s an angel. she is a true goddess and you worship this amazing woman. you never want to let her go, because she is just perfect and no woman could ever live up to her.
omg! what an athena!
she’s perfect she is an athena.
i love you athena
athena or palias athena (minerva) sprang full grown from the brow of zeus.
athena is the virgin greek goddess of wisdom.
ancient greek mythological goddess of wisdom, said to have been born from the head of zeus. is often portrayed as warlike, wearing a helm, armour, carrying a spear and the legendary shield aegis and accomponied by an owl.

the city of athens was named after her after a contest between herself and poseidon, god of the sea. the compet-tion involved giving the new city the greatest gift – poseidon gave them the river, but athena gave them olive trees.
i often imagine athena’s armour to be blue, due to a greek mythology graphic novel i once read as a child.
the best person you will ever meet. she’s a little crazy, but you come to love that about her eventually. she’s awesome, pretty and fun. the funnest person you could ever meet. she’s pretty epic and should be treated nicely. make sure you talk to her and don’t ignore her. she’s cool =)
you’re the most athena person ever!
you’re acting all athena!
hot girl with all the -ssets. drives me nuts and gets me going. yeah you know you want that young hot thang.
i want that girl baad, athena! i’m loosing it!!

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