an awesome, sweet, cute girl who is super smart and the best in her cl-ss. she is a lot like athena goddess of wisdom but a induvidual way of spelling it. guys stare in awe when an athina walks by and beg her for aproval. you never want an athina for an enemy or she will screw up your life.
“whoa she’s so smart she’s gotta be an athina”
greek g-dess of war and wisdom. she is verry smart, beautiful, hot and loveable.

she is very sarcastic and somtimes is strange in a good way. she likes to watch scrubs.

being a ballerina is her thing. being short makes her cuddleable.

being an athina means she works hard, is a great friend, is truthful and she is awesome.

athina’s have a good eye for beautiful things.

athina is the more individual and better way of spelling athena. athinas are the best!
bob: wow that girl over there is out of this world awesome
fred: yeah thats athina for you
a beautiful greek goddess of wisdom.
nat: hey, doesn’t athina look pretty today?
fred: well, she is a greek goddess after all, isn’t she!
another way of spelling athena; it is a noun and it is a feminine name.
“hi athina!”

“hi random person!”
she’s beautiful, intelligent, and independent. athina is often shy and quiet, but has a warm heart and is selfless.
“d-mn, athina’s beautiful.”

“she’s amazing.”
a form of online typing in which you keep the caps locked and keep only the letter “i” lower-case. very popular among dumb teen-aged filipino chicks who find it fun to type like this…personally, i find it to be a pain in the -ss, and even more atrocious to read. it’s called “athina” after the dumb pacific islander b-tch who invented it. (each word sp-ced out by a period instead of hitting the sp-ce bar! i wanna kill the stupid c-nt who invented this disgrace to typing in english.
hi! my name is athina! and i invented a new online trend!!! har.har.har!!! mehal.kita, mah.n-gg-s!!!
a beautiful short girl who everyone loves and she has a voice of a three year old
d-mn look at athina

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