affected with a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement; tingling (usually used predicatively):
after the first surprise, he found himself athrill with a sense of discovery.
historical examples

while wheaton swayed between fear and hope, the community was athrill with excitement.
the main chance meredith nicholson

i am yet fresh from it, and athrill with it and with the promise of it.
the mutiny of the elsinore jack london

and the attention of us all is athrill with mighty interest.
abraham lincoln’s cardinal traits; clark s. beardslee

all over the country the people are athrill with a new life.
where half the world is waking up clarence poe

the whole atmosphere seemed sentient and athrill with the surge of some deep-lying emotion.
the lamp of fate margaret pedler

in her highest supra-reaches, she is athrill with supra-faculties.
feminism and s-x-extinction arabella kenealy

why, i should be athrill with the joy and the flame of youth!
the morals of marcus ordeyne william j. locke

athrill with excitement, for the first time since my capture i began to enjoy the adventure.
a veldt vendetta bertram mitford

“i think i’ve got it,” were her words, guarded but athrill with her triumph.
daughter of the sun jackson gregory

fifteen, and athrill with a strange new pulse; flushed, as the dawn, with the promise of day.
the kempton-wace letters jack london

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