-ss to mouth filter.
that fella has no atmf all the sh-t that comes outta his mouth is ridiculous.

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  • warms the c*ckles of my heart

    pleases and delights in a warm fuzzy way it may be an old english casual term when you paid for my lunch with that big smile it warmed the c-ckles of my heart! it warms the c-ckles of my heart to hear you speak so kindly of your sister.

  • d*nkeroo

    shelby why did you call me this. brat. goofball. goon. d-nkeroo.

  • osamma

    a beautiful person, a loving kind hearted human and very down to earth. they love to put other people before them and always makes sure that everyone is okay before themselves. i just want an osamma to make me happy!

  • sk*nkcloud

    skang’-klowd noun. a physical swarm of women that revolves around a wealthy male socialite. especially, one that appears suddenly or forms around new-found celebrity. particularly, one composed of women who are sk-nky. i could hardly navigate the airport due to some rapper du’ jour’s sk-nkcloud buzzing about the entrance!

  • mentaphysical astral telepathy

    1)a disease of incorrectly abused and unnatural incompatible frequencies and vibrations made by the human body at atmospheric or brain to brain myopalmus and morse communicative, it is the un-supposed connoisseur’s masturbative intercourse partic-p-tion from distance mentaphysical astral telepathy is warning :(possibly harmful to your health)

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