(used with a plural verb) radio and television. noise in a radio receiver or randomly distributed white spots or bands on the screen of a television receiver, caused by interference from natural electromagnetic disturbances in the .
(used with a singular verb) the study of such phenomena; sferics.
(used with a plural verb) mood or ; ambience:
the atmospherics of the conference were cordial.
contemporary examples

never mind that some of the atmospherics are shaky, like the white christmas, for example.
how d-ckens and scrooge saved christmas clive irving december 21, 2014

one political observer summed up the atmospherics: “it looks like two guys drinking lemonade with the sugar left out.”
beijing’s ‘star trek’ apec summit jake adelstein november 10, 2014

one might say (ahem) that in beijing on wednesday the atmospherics were everything.
obama and xi jinping say they’ll work together to save environment ben leung november 11, 2014

it feels like you delight in the atmospherics, but you want to stay away from the violence.
the american prophet of delusion: robert stone in conversation david samuels november 14, 2013

plural noun
electrical disturbances produced in the atmosphere by natural causes such as lightning
radio interference, heard as crackling or hissing in receivers, caused by electrical disturbance

electromagnetic radiation that is in the same range as radio frequencies and is produced by natural phenomena (such as lightning) and interferes with radio communications.

the radio interference produced by this electromagnetic radiation.

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