same thing as stupid, but in a less harsh manner.
psh, frank, you are atoopid.

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  • evil brain

    the act of squeezing ones t-st-cl-s to accentuate the seam and to allow the sesame seed-like follicles to appear near bursting when grandpa gets drunk, he claims the evil brain helps him win at scrabble.

  • ewmonster

    noun. a person in whom the very idea of ew is manifest, be it in their looks, fashion, mannerisms, actions, speech or opinions. witnessing an ewmonster evokes feelings of being ewwed-out, causing the skin to crawl with convulsions of cringe. the ewmonster transcends simply being ew as they are the ultimate 100% in the scale […]

  • extra hitter

    during a three way with two men, the awkward second man who isnt sure which hole its ok to put his d-ck in. man, last night was akward, i was the extra hitter.

  • extra n*gg*

    a third wheel friend, an uninvited guest, or an ineffective plan, person, or thing. a thing with little to no value, like a 5th screw that bolts to nothing in an ikea kit. “lebron, leave that extra n-gg- home, i ain’t got room in the cut dog for e’rebody”. “tyrell? sheeeit. you ain’t posta be […]

  • eeekers

    verb (to eeeker): to hit with a bat noun (an eeeker): a bat hand me that eeeker, i wanna kick that puti’s tushy or he was so angry, i thought he was going to eeeker me another way of using “oh no”, or replacing the action of gasping. eeekers!! i forgot to do my homework!

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