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the internet’s most elite congregation of ballers, rockstars, smart shoppers, the literary elite, music theorists, critical film -n-lysts, wall street warlords, mechanical gurus, bulk beef experts, beer aficionados, armchair warriors, world policy architects, international playboys, theoretical physicists, mathematical prodigies and retired formula 1 drivers.

fact: atot accounts for ~13.56% of the us’s gdp.

we also consume large quant-ties of ramen, like sh-tty bands, create epic scenes at wal-mart to weasel out 19 cents, think books are for lame n00bs, have a hard-on for rick astley, worship jalba & michael bay, can’t figure out ebay and paypaypal, are borderline psychotic about buying american/asian cars, use the ‘in relation to electromechanical devices’ scale for measuring meat products, live for wow raids, have skinless & bl–dy shafts from excessive fapping, can’t figure out if the plane takes off and (re)post sh-tty joke threads.
atot has got more hot wimmenz than you have spermz.

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