attack helicopter

when a guys p-n-s is soo small that’s it just foreskin there and it spins uncontrollably while he is p-ssing.
“hey dude you should have seen my p-ss earlier, it went everywhere in a full circle, i was a f-cking attack helicopter”
attack helicopters are helicopters that are armed with atgms ( look it up), rocket pods, and 20-30mm chain/miniguns. two examples are the mi-24 hind and the ah-64 apache. they are used to blow the sh-t out of anything in range, including tanks, infantry, ifvs, and anything else unlucky enough to be near them ( unless the helicopter is an oh-58 cayuse or an ah-6 little bird, in which case you are fine unless you manage to make it crash on you)
the ah-64d apache longbow is one of the best attack helicopters on the world!

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