attackers is a twitchtv community focused on finding streamers who follow pan1x attack/pan1x with intent to engage and connect with the community.

use #teamattackers to share your stream with us!
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  • zio

    its italian it’s uncle but in italy thay also use it to say friend bella zio = hay man someone who vandalizes property (public or private) willfully and illegally or commits other illegal actions. (can be pr-nounced “zigh-oh”) dave is such a zio, did you see him spray paint the side of the school? zio […]

  • bailey white

    the biggest male wh-r- around wow you got yourself a bailey white

  • smoltard

    someone who uses words like “smol”, “heck”/”hecking”, and “pupper”. “aww look at that smol pupper” “bruh quit being a smoltard”

  • blacklick

    young n-gg-s smoking weed drinking lean and f-cking b-tches. blacklick has many cool stuff. i prefer you to go take a tour of the homeless shelter. man- i need some dope, where should i go woman- i got the best dealer around. he lives in blacklick

  • ftb tir

    “f-ck that b-tch, this is russia!” an iconic line for when one accidently joins the russian mafia “wait, so i’m not in trouble?” -bert “ftb tir.” -russian police

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