attack someone via text message
dat b-tch won’t attaxt me no more. i blocked her ratchet -ss!

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  • to craigslist

    (verb): to put up a missing persons report for someone on, as the name suggests, craigslist have you ever heard of anyone trying to craigslist someone else? i mean the missed connections section doesn’t count, since that person you are ‘looking for’ probably wouldn’t see your ad anyways, doesn’t want to talk to you

  • kaoticism

    is extremely topak guy who loves exotic foods and adventures be careful he bites be kaoticism

  • packing bricks

    when some is scared and they sh-t them selves we got mugged the other day and i was packing bricks

  • mackennon

    a half black person who usually drives a one wheel wonder and is a little bit queer he can’t skateboard if his life depended on it and when it comes to kickers dont ask “woah look at that mackennon”

  • strut nose

    a nose in which the tip is wider than the back portion of the nose, black people are known to have it. d-mn! look at that n-gg-, dude got a strut nose!

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