Attica Soccer

the soccer team that doesn’t give two sh-ts about winning or teamwork. mainly an individuals team with losing streaks often lasting all season. so called team mates are usually only out for personal stats and for the trip to europe. girls on this team usually form cliques that reject other team players and make them feel uncomfortable or unwanted. also having way too many captains makes life great for those people who just want to play the game and not hear things repeated a hundred thousand times.

activities the team usually partic-p-tes in off the field include but are not limited to…pantsing eachother, gossiping, sleepovers, and b-tching about life, lots of b-tching.

coach allen usually does a good job coaching, but gives in way too easily to politics and whining parents….especially parents who are teachers and feel they can get there way with anything concerning there child and the attica soccer program.

about the only cool thing about being on the team are the warm-ups…and having a little fan base.

so today the team has still not made it very far in sectionals and if you ask me go for cross country, at least you will go places and win sh-t occasionally.
you play attica soccer?

used to…

why not anymore?

i grew up, and got a life!

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