guy with a mop head who is sick at karate
he is an attwoll

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    it’s about even; the two things under consideration can’t be meaningfully differentiated in terms of value. flying is more expensive and less comfortable but taking the train is much slower, so it’s a wash a saying meaning “it’s a wasted effort” or “all is lost”. possibly a reference to king john of england who lost […]

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    a sw-nky danky cool guy d-mn he is a raven davis kind of guy a sw-nky danky guy d-mn he’s a raven davis kind of guy

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    a mop (kind of like a swifter sweeper) but used to soak up the c-m left over on the bed…. very smart investment 👍🏻 omg i c-mmed all over the bed i’m so sorry!! it’s ok i have a ball mop 🙂

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    typically a racist american, may also be s-xist and/or xenophobic. as well as thinking usa is the only good country. dude, hes just a radical american, lets go, not worth it.

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