1/2 wack–ss rejected version of compton and 1/2 wack–ss drama version of the o.c. you either move out of here when you graduate or end up making babys with your high school sweetheart, while living in a mobile home with your mother.
where the f-ck is atw-ter again?
a closed-minded environment.full of bigots.a small hick-town full of wannabe gangstas,rednecks,and it has a large amount of’s a very anti-gay town.i know from experience,i used to live in atw-ter in 2001,i used to go to atw-ter high in 1993,i lived down in merced,born and i live near new york city.i miss the west coast,but not atw-ter.this town is very very very anti-gay.full of cowboys that are totally gay and far from hetero.if your openly-gay and live in or near atw-ter,you better run as far as you can and don’t look back because atw-ter will ruin your! run! run! run! run!!!!
n. the male s-x organ, usually means a “d-ck”

1. dude, your such an atw-ter!
2. i put my atw-ter in a bowl of pudding last night.

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