refering to someone else
“right back atya bro!”

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  • awailable

    used when you’re away from your desk, but haven’t gone far – if someone needs you, they should come and find you. usually used if there is a chance that you might need to render -ssistance to someone in a hurry, and your reason for being away is flexible and not so important that you […]

  • awesomeified

    v. to make awesome. i don’t know what went wrong, after my mom awesomeified me, she couldn’t do the same with my sister.

  • awesome kitty possem

    created by gabi t. and emily l. 1. really super cool 2. greatest thing possable emily that was so awesome kitty possem when you threw amberlynn in the mud and she cryed!!!

  • awkwardian

    awkwardian is a descriptor for someone who is known to be socially awkward in their unique form of eccentricity. these individuals, while obviously different, tend to be movers and shakers of the status quo. they don’t fit in, yet their presence can change the very landscape of society. the term was coined by jamie bihl […]

  • awsme

    unit of bamfness d-mn. mitch-ll caught a bullet. with his teeth! i would rate that at least 55awsmes.

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