auberon is of old german origin, meaning “n-ble” or “royal bear”.

the name also comes from the ancient tongue of the elves, meaning “ruthless womanizer”.

every man fortunate enough to have been given this unique name is mysterious, strong-willed, devilishly handsome, and has the ability to speak to the animals of the forest. although auberon can seduce any woman (he has to to satisfy his needs from time to time), he has no desire to take a wife and settle down. for auberon is a loner who is constantly traveling through sp-ce and time, vanquishing evil with a stare and saving small civilizations with rousing speeches. auberon will eventually lead his own kingdom, where he will be loved for all of eternity.
he is devilishly handsome, very mysterious and n-ble-looking, his name must be auberon!

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