aubrihism is the actions of a delusional aubrih fan. fans of rihanna and drake or preferably aubrih stans, that have fabricated an unrealistic relationship amongst rihanna and drake since their introduction to one another. around the time of matt kemp, aubrih fans saw a music video and -ssumed a relationship existed between the two. as of now that the relationship apparently has actually began…since their 2014 antics, aubrih fans began to force the relationship upon others and have agitated the idea of them dating…all while, despite it being her business, rihanna has yet to confirm. they think a shark tattoo means they’re going marry one another. nothing is -ssured…it could be that rihanna is pimping drake , because he’s sprung over her. but you can’t tell aubrih shippers that.
girl! aubrih stans back at it again! f-ckin suffering from aubrihism

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